What – No Pictures in this Post?

You might have noticed that the blog looks a bit different these days ☺. We are so excited to announce a really big change in the business – we’re moving on from our alias Elizabeth James Photography – to a more authentic and real Sara Goetz Photography.

Why, you ask? Well, the surface reasons are obvious. EJ photo is confusing, most people thought I worked for someone else, and every one who called asked for Elizabeth.

Originally it made sense to use Elizabeth and James: it blended both me and Chris – (our middle names are Elizabeth and James respectively) and was truly a tangible representation that it takes both of us to run the business. (and I mean that – this business would FAIL with out Chris!!!) Plus, it’s easier to say and spell than Sara Goetz.

But the real reason I feel compelled to change the name is a little bit more personal.

Three years ago our Pastor posed the question, “If you could do something and you knew you would not fail, what would it be?”

Immediately I knew I would want to have a photography business.

Jumping a few months ahead, after much prayer and reflection, I was confident that I should move forward in this dream of mine. Under one condition – that my endeavor always be an exercise of faith rather than the running of a business.

When Chris and I discussed names I told him all my reasons for something more like EJ Photo than Sara Goetz Photography…and he willingly went along. But what I never really made public was that I didn’t believe that any one would want someone named Sara Goetz to take their pictures. It didn’t sound artful, elegant, or sophisticated. Sara Goetz couldn’t possibly be successful. So I hid behind someone else…someone who didn’t even exist.

So much for a venture of faith, huh!?!?

Well, here we are, starting our 3rd year in business, coming off of our busiest Christmas ever, even after having a baby and relocating 500 miles, and we’re thriving.

It’s about time I acknowledge what God has done for ME – not for Elizabeth James.

And that’s it. The next time you get my voice mail – it will say, “Thank you for calling Sara Goetz Photography.” An acknowledgement not only of who I am, but what God does for those who take a step of faith and show up.

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