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Hey Everyone!

Chris here.  You all know me as “tech support” most recently, but believe it or not, I do have a lot to do with things around here.  Well, I can say that because Sara is out of town right now and she won’t read this ’till she’s well rested and back!!:-)I do find my way behind the camera whenever I can *pry* it out of Sara’s hands, and I just realized as I’m typing this that I have some pictures to share with you from a recent session that *I* did!  Yay!  I’ll try to get those up on the blog tomorrow.  Ah-hem…sorry, got distracted. Read on….

Seriously, Sara wanted me to post that she’s currently in The Sea Ranch with her Mom and our kids, so if you need to get a hold of her, the best thing to do would be to email because there’s no cell service.  The only catch is that there is no email access up there either, so just know that I’ll be reading and answering all of the email over the next few days.  We really don’t have any secrets around here so it’s all good anyway!:-)

When this week was approaching I have to be honest – I thought I was looking forward to it!  Don’t get me wrong – I love my family dearly.  But the thought of a few days of peace and quiet?  Well, that thought never crosses my mind because it just doesn’t happen!  And in this case, it doesn’t happen either – I have a crazy work schedule this week.  That explains why Sara boogied on out of town.  Anyway, this afternoon after they left I went to meet up with a friend at Pyramid Brewery in Walnut Creek. That place is cool!  Lots o different types of beers and great appetizers.  I seriously have been trying to eat more healthily lately (summer is coming, after all) and I just fell completely off  the wagon today.  How can you pass up calamri, onion strings, and buffalo wings?  I couldn’t.  Thank goodness tomorrow is Monday.  <did I just say that?!>

As I was saying, when this week was approaching I thought I was looking forward to it…but I have to say that it is WEIRD around here!!  Quiet, yes….but lonely!  I miss everyone so much and it’s only been a few hours.  I guess work is a blessing because I’ll be distracted all day and won’t have to think about how I miss my Lucy girl, Luker, and my wonderful wife.  I tidied up the house and now I’m blogging…but it’s quiet.  Oh yes, and I shan’t (that’s shall + not) say that I “cleaned.”  Cleaning, according to Sara, involves rubber gloves and Pine Sol.  Lots of it.  So much you need a mask.  You think I’m kidding?  I’m not.  And I didn’t go there tonight.  I just put all the toys back in their bins and loaded the dishwasher.  Do I get points for that?  I even made the bed!

If you’re still reading, Sara also wanted me to tell you all that when she gets back she’ll have some cool stuff to post!  YAY!  I’ve seen some of it, and I can attest – it is cool.  So be excited.

In the meantime, I’ll try to keep everyone entertained with my musings and updates. Post up a comment!  Don’t be shy.

Here’s to a great start to a new week,


April 7, 2008 - 12:08 pm

Rebecca - A change in routine is almost always a welcome break, often because it reminds us of the things we value most about the “usual” way of life… and renews us to resume our routines with new energy and insight. Amen to that, right?! Wishing both of you a good week!

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