Happy 5th Birthday, Clark!

Last weekend we had two birthday parties – and we wanted to share some of the images from Clark’s fun party!!  Look at the birthday boy, who at Children’s Wonderland got to be Prince For A Day! 


Children’s Wonderland has been around for a long time – I went there with my parents when I was a kid!  They’ve recently renovated the whole place and it looks amazing.  They have some familiar characters and structures, which all the kids had a great time exploring.




The dinosaur dig was a big hit…check out the flying sand in this picture!   
 You can see the sand in his hair!  I love it. 
Time for cake!  Yes, Clark is turning 5, but there’s an extra candle that’s “one to grow on.”  I love that tradition.


It was a beautiful day – so warm, even, that you can see how much energy was spent running around before cake time.  Those aren’t tears – that’s sweat on Clark’s face.:-)

Check out the young chimps (Clark’s Brother and a friend)!  ”Chimping” is a photographer’s term that refers to checking the display on the back of a digital camera after every shot – and we all do it!  I can chimp with the best of them…when I saw this, I couldn’t resist. You can tell that Michael caught something awesome by the look on his face!
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CLARK !  Thanks for inviting us to your special day.- Chris 

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