Finally!!! I can tell you about this!

A few weeks ago I received a voice mail about someone who was interested in purchasing a Gina Alexander Handbag for his wife for mothers day.  He left a return phone number, I jotted it down quickly (luke was probably climbing on the computer) and rushed off to do something else. Later that evening I returned the call, left a message, and crossed it off my to do list.  After a few days I hadn’t received a call back, so I called again and left another message.  Done. The next day, my caller ID light up with the clients number I had been trying to reach.  ”I just wanted to let you know you have the wrong number,” she said.  ”I thought you might want to know.” I was really disheartened because I had erased the original message so I could not double check the number I wrote down against the number left in the voice mail.  Oh boy.  I thought.  This isn’t good.  I thought I had blown it and resolved to never delete a voicemail until I had made contact.   But, come to find out, I wasn’t doomed yet :-).  The next Saturday my cell phone rang again…in a hushed voice the man said, “You really do have the right number.  Can you come and take pictures of my baby today?  I really want to make this work!” Of course – I’d move heaven and earth to do a baby sitting…it’s my favorite thing in the world :-).  So I jumped in the car and drove to their apartment. Here are some of the pictures: 

   So … Micha’s daddy ordered a Tote bag for his wife to use as a diaper bag, took her overnight and surprised her with a the new handbag full of red roses and the slideshow burned on a custom DVD.  That is going to be one Mother’s Day that is hard to beat.   Way to go!!!  Thanks for letting me be a part of Rachael’s first Mother’s Day.  You have to let us know what she thinks :-) Sara  ps – i’m trying to get the slideshow to work…but I promised Lucy a tea party.  Hold on…I’ll get to it ASAP :-) 

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