Game Night!

Sara and I joke with each other that we’re no fun after about 9pm. As soon as the kids are in bed, we quickly eat dinner and proceed to falling asleep on the couch.  That is…unless we schedule some fun time in.  Our good friends Kyle and Sarah, who conveniently live 3 doors down the street, hung out with us on Friday.  We went to their place to make some pizza (well, they made it – and it was really good!), and then we came back home to put the kids down.  Once they were in bed, Kyle & Sarah came back and we played a game and enjoyed some wine and conversation.

They brought over a super-cool game made by a company called (excuse me – this is PG-13) Cheapass Games.   I’m not making this up – I swear! :-)  This company makes these games that are totally unsophisticaed, packaged cheaply, don’t come with any pieces (except the essentials), and they’re super fun!  We played “Kill Dr. Lucky” and used Clue pieces to play.  After all, it is a murder game.  Kill Dr. Lucky is pretty simple, but honestly….I’m a bit too tired to explain it here.  Suffice it to say that it’s well worth the less than $10 the game costs – pick it up!

All these shots below were taken with our brand spankin’ new Nikon D300 and Nikkor 14-24 2.8 and are pretty much out of camera except for a bit of sharpening in PS.  Let’s just say we love these new toys, er…I mean, equipment.:-)



Our “Mrs. White” piece of our Clue game leans forward.  Like 45 degrees forward – like she has some crazy sense of balance and defies gravity.  We think it’s hilarious!



Miss Scarlet, in all her glory!


Hope everyone had a good weekend…off to the next week!  Lots more pics coming soon – some family sessions, more pics from Lucy’s party…stay tuned!

- Chris

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