A little bit unconventional

I have to say, I’ve spent some time looking at “maternity” pictures from some stellar photographers. Their images are amazing.  The lighting, the mood, the composition…it all is just fantastic.  And because I haven’t done a ton of maternity pix before, I wanted to have some inspiration from other photographers after Laurel and Jeff called to schedule a maternity session.  So I looked and looked.  and looked.  But all I saw were these really beautiful images, that for me, didn’t capture anything that I experienced being pregnant.  I saw images of women only partially dressed, wind blown hair, with their tummy’s silhouetted against a plain background.  Stunning, truly stunning.  But nothing like pregnancy!  To me, and this is all entirely subjective, it seemed a little bit more of what we think pregnancy should be like instead of what it actually is.  I began to think,  maybe maternity pictures should more like engagement pictures – after all, just like the engagement period, its the ending of one chapter and the beginning of another.  Maybe, the idea should be to document a transition – a transition that is fun, and a little scary, and so exciting you can’t stand it  Maybe maternity pictures should be about transitioning into a new body you love because there is this miracle growing inside of you – but at the same time makes it impossible to ever be comfortable or wear pants that don’t fall down.  I think maternity pictures should show a more of just having fun, with the person you love.    


Let’s make it all about love.  Love for your husband/wife, your new baby, this new impending life, just love.  


I think Laurel and Jeff had similar feelings – and so we hit it off right away.  They are so fun and so sweet – and just a little bit unconventional. I was so taken by how much they love each other, and how excited they are for this new life that will soon be here.  It was good for my soul to just be with them for a while.  Check out these images:  














Laurel and Jeff, I had SO much fun with you guys.  I wish you didn’t live in Sacramento – otherwise we could just get together to hang out more!  I’m eagerly awaiting the baby has arrived e-mail!  Thanks for the honor of taking your pictures!


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