Happy Birthday, Brian! Happy Birthday, Lesley!

My “little” brother is turning 23 today.  Wow.  I feel old!  I say “little” because (and this is the first time I’m admitting this publically) he is taller than me – by about half an inch.  I’m convinced it’s because he wears big heeled shoes, but I suppose that’s up for debate.  Either way….

Happy Birthday, Bri – I’m so glad you were born!  We love you.   :-)  Here’s a pic of Brian and his wonderful girlfriend, Cammy.

Today is also Lesley’s birthday – our wonderful sister-in-law, and mom to Abbey. :-)  We won’t tell how old you are, Lesley! We’re glad you were born, too….because if you weren’t, we aren’t sure David would have found someone as wonderful as you to put up with him!  Kidding!!  Well, kind of. :-)  Happy Birthday Lesley!!!

- Chris, Sara, Lucy & Luke

P.S. – Today is also my cousin Brett’s birthday, my parents’ neighbor Armand’s b-day, my friend Yasi’s birthday….today is a big day!!  Happy Birthday to all June 13th babies.:-)

June 14, 2008 - 9:26 am

Rebecca - I’m shorter than my “little” brother too – but by a much larger margin. hehee. Happy Birthday everone!

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