“Next time we have this thought…

….remind me how I feel right now so we don’t do it again.”

That would be Sara’s quote after we got in the car from dinner tonight.  It’s hot, we were tired, and Lucy had the breakdown of all breakdowns in Target today, which pretty much sums up how home has been lately – hot, stressful, and full of breakdowns!  So, we thought, “let’s go out to dinner.  Let’s pick somewhere easy where the kids can be somewhat entertained, the food is good and quick, and isn’t too expensive.”  Fuddruckers it is.


Ok, it is seriously louder than an airplane tarmac in that place.  Have you been to Fudd’s on a weeknight lately?  There are screaming children everywhere (ours included).  Yes.  Everywhere.  And there’s also a huge “game” area with an air hockey table, a few pinball machines, and one of those rip-off-claw-candy thingies.  Kid magnet, and of course, Lucy immediately wants to play.

Also, I think it was just generally crazy there.  I watched two grown women get into a yelling match with each other in front of the area where you pick up the food.  Not kidding.  One of them even had a stroller.  The lady without the stroller kept going on and on about how she expected to have the lady with the stroller pick up her keys around 6pm….or something…and there were frowns, raised voices, and head swinging/fingers swaying was definitley happening.

But honestly, I was the only one who noticed because the place was a ZOO!

So, we get in the car…and Sara goes, “what just happened?”

Honestly, I think we ate, but I can’t remember.  Let’s not do that again…at least without getting a babysitter first.

<Sara, come back to the blog!  Chris is boring us all with his lame stories about reality TV and bad nights out!>

- Chris

June 12, 2008 - 8:35 pm

Rebecca - and if you get a sitter… make sure you eat somewhere that the other diners have hopefully gotten one too, right? hehee

June 12, 2008 - 8:49 pm

admin - AMEN!

June 12, 2008 - 8:49 pm

Rebecca - did I mention I would babysit for free if you pay for gas? double hahah!

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