I am a proud Auntie! (You guessed it, there are a TON of pictures in this post!!!)

Yes, I am a proud Auntie!  But wouldn’t you be to if this was your niece?  Look who just turned 1!


If Abbey’s first year has flown by to me, I can’t image how quickly it went by for my brother and sister-in-law.  It’s been so much fun watching Abbey reach all those milestones: rolling over, sitting up, solid food, standing up, first tooth – all of those exciting events that make the first year one of the most precious.

In honor of her first birthday, Lesley and I took Abbey to the park.  And boy did we have a ball!  Abbey was as cute as cute can be and had so much fun discovering and exploring.  First, Lesley dressed her up in this darling little pink birthday dress – complete with black leather Mary-Jane like soft soled shoes and pink ruffle but tights.  But after a few portraits, we had an outfit change to jeans and a sweater – much more conducive to the wanderings and explorations of a 1 year old.  Check out her pictures (and read on for some photo tips!):





I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one…check out her eyes!!!  and the color of her lips…and those teeth!!!



I love the motion on this one:


I couldn’t get enough of this mosaic tile wall – neither could Abbey:-)




And of course, a mirror is always fun!  Check out her tongue!!


The park had this foammy like padding all around – it just happened to be the same color as Abbey’s eyes…



Between our schedules and Abbey’s schedule the only time we could meet was 1:00 in the afternoon.  Yikes!  That’s probably one of the worst times of the day to take pictures!  But when you are working with the schedule of children, sometimes you don’t get to pick your portrait times.  So, here’s my best tip to get great lighting during the middle hours of the day:

Find open shade.  Open shade is when you are in the shade but you look up and see the sky.  There you’ll be sure to get even, diffused lighting.  All of Abbey’s pink dress pictures were done in open shade.

You see, your camera makes the best decisions when the lighting is even and diffused.  It can get a little confused when there are some really bright parts of a frame and some really dark shadowy parts.  You see, when your camera is in “Auto” or “program” mode, what it does is look for the average light – it calculates shutter speed and aperture by trying to find the middle or the average exposure for the light coming in.  When it’s really bright and really dark, the average exposure isn’t going to look anything like you are trying to photograph – the camera isn’t going to calculate the exposure for the light very well.  But, if everything is similar to begin with, the average exposure is going to be right on.

So the best photo tip I can give you is to find open shade – and keep it simple for your camera – even when you are shooting in Aperture or Shutter Priority.

I’d love to see the great pictures you are taking!  Send them to me at sara@saragoetzphotography.com

Happy Shooting everyone!!!


January 30, 2009 - 8:11 am

Dave - Wait a second…Abby’s how old!? The pictures look awesome thanks SO much!

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