Annie Turns 7 – More Tips!

Happy Birthday to Annie!  Annie has had such an exciting year.  She started a new school, entered the 1st grade, and began taking piano lessons.  We thought that those things were so significant for Annie, they should all be incorporated into her 7 year old photo shoot!  The pictures turned out great.  Check them out and enjoy your slideshow.










Annie, thanks for a wonderful afternoon!  You did GREAT!!!!

So now for the photo tips!  For me, the easiest way to become frustrated with my digital SLR is to loose track of all of the settings of my camera and how they are set :-).  For example, maybe you changed the aperture setting the last time you took out the camera and got amazing pictures.  But then, the next time you took it out, you started snapping away – only to be discouraged with the results.  The setting and the circumstance changed, but the camera didn’t…the settings remained the same from the last time you used it.  I know I’ve done that – and it is so frustrating!  The worst thing ever is to start taking pictures and wonder why they are all overexposed only to find that your ISO is way too high.  In order to make sure that never happens to me and to help me start fresh every time, is to go through this little checklist I made for myself.  Print it out and put it in your camera bag!!  Start over every time.  It will make a difference in your images :-).

Things to check:

1.  ISO settings

2.  White Balance settings

3.  Mode (Am I shooting in aperture, shutter, program?) 

4.  Settings (What is my shutter speed or aperture?)

5.  Memory Card (How many images do I have left? Do I need to use a new one or reformat this one?)

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