I’m sure most of you missed “Higgley Town Heroes” cartoon on the Disney Channel Saturday morning, so I’ll fill ya in.  It was a very exciting episode because Mr. Electrician Man asked Miss Fern, the preschool teacher, to marry him!  He made her a giant electric valentine on the playground and then called her over to pop the question.  It was very sweet.  Lucy LOVED it, and it was extra fun because it brought on wealth of questions about how me and daddy got engaged and married.  It was the sweetest trip down memory lane, and so exciting to share with our lovely Lucy.  Being engaged…getting married…life as newleyweds.  Few things are better than that!!

While we were reminded of how wonderful is this season of life is through Higgley Town Heroes, it was personified for us during our date night with Katie and Daniel.  Last Saturday we journeyed over to Daniel’s house taking pictures, cook dinner (well, mostly they cooked…) and just chit chat the night away.  It was so wonderful to be with them.  They love each other so much and are so excited for their life together – it was inspiring.  They know exactly who they are as individuals – they know what they love about life, about God, and about the world…and because of that, Katie and Daniel together are something stable and secure.  I love being around people like that.  It was a blessing.

So, the story of the evening went something like this…

- get some great, natural shoots outside,

- get some fun, candid, relaxed portraits in the kitchen – their favorite room of the house

- go to Whole Foods, get some fun pix there…(but we totally FAILED at that…no pix allowed in Whole Foods!!!)

- go back home and make dinner!  Then eat it, yum!!!! (this was super fun, but we got to talking and didn’t take tons of pictures…that’s Okay, ’cause check out what we DID get…)

-  play guitar hero!!!  ROCK ON!!!!!


Katie and Daniel, we can’t wait for your wedding!  Enjoy your pictures:







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