“Say Cheese!” & you get this (from Chris)

Hi Everyone, Chris here on the blog.  Sara’s off shooting this afternoon and I’m catching up on some file management and desk cleaning.  Oooooh…..fun, eh?!  Yeah.  So you can see why my ADD-prone mind wandered into exploring the few photos that I snapped yesterday. 

So, yesterday I was packing up our gear for an engagement session (that we did last night) and around the corner come the kids.  They never ask us to take their pictures (if we were your parents, would you?!) but for some reason, they saw I had the camera and Luke said, “Daddy – picture!”  

Let me insert this caveat: I’m extremely confident that Sara has never once asked our children to say “CHEESE” when there’s a camera in front of them.  I’ll let her write the post about why that’s a bad idea, though this may be a good primer for it!!  I can’t say that I’ve NEVER said it to them, but I do consciously think about NOT saying it, especially when I’m looking for a good smile.  Because kids saying “cheese” is pretty much a recipe for a cheesy, fake smile.  

For whatever reason, though, as soon as I had the camera in front of my eye, both the kids started saying “cheese” in their own way, and this is what I happened to get out of that 10 second moment:


I happen to LOVE this picture.  Oh, yes –  it’s not well composed, there’s a big fat doorknob in the background, the door opening to the left of the picture is distracting, they both have crazy hair,  Luke has a piece of some kind of food in the lower right corner of his mouth, and the smiles…well, the smiles aren’t “real.”  But I love that Lucy has her arm around Luke.  I love that Luke is trying to show me every single one of his teeth, as though that’s the point of taking a picture.  I love his scrunched up nose and her toothles grin.  It’s really fantastic.

If you’re in for that sort of a moment, go for it – ask ‘em to say “CHEESE!”  See what you get!

Ok – thanks for reading my random post.:) I’ll leave the real photo tips up to the master…stay tuned.

Happy Sunday!


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