Meet Paxton

I have SO much to post about our trip to Disneyland and San Diego – but first, you have to meet Paxton.



I met Paxton’s Mommy while working at SDUSD – teaching 5th grade at Kennedy Elementary.  That job was no easy task.  Most of our students came from severly disadvantaged backgrounds and grew up accustomed to gun fire and gang violence.  Classroom management was a challenge, to say the least.  And the dynamics among the students – well let’s just say we worked REALLY hard on “community” and “trust”.  Paxton’s mommy, Merrilee, was subbing there one day.  Both of our classrooms gave us similar challenges and both had spent most of the morning in tears.  We had an instant connection and, after one quick interaction in the copy room, we’ve been great friends ever since.

***On a side note I have to tell you that it was Brad and Merrilee who gave me my first camera book for my 26th birthday.  I’ve since practically worn it out!  I am certain I would not have a business if it wasn’t for these two!  When they asked if I would take pictures of their little one, well, it just feels like it’s all came full circle!  I’m almost sure that when they gave me that book they had no idea it would launch me into a path that would someday bring me to San Diego to photograph their newborn.  Aren’t life’s journey’s great?***

Now they have Paxton.  It was great to meet them and see their family.  In some ways, it feels like Paxton has been around since the beginning.  They are such natural parents, and he is such a dear.

Except that Paxton doesn’t sleep at night.  Funny, because he sure slept for our photo shoot!!!


Brad and Merrilee have this fantastic home – Paxton, you are SO lucky to get to live in that house :-)!comp-twobr

I LOVE Paxton’s room.  It’s wonderfully modern, personal, warm, and cozy.  With a touch of Disney….what could be better?


Unfortunately Brad couldn’t be there for the photo session (sorry Brad!) But I had so much fun photographing Merrilee and her new one.  There’s nothing like those first few weeks when you are getting to know you baby – and your baby is getting to know you.  I think these two are hitting it off pretty well.  What do you think?:-)



comp-threebrYou guys – Paxton is AMAZING.  Your family is delightful.  Thank you for letting me photograph you and Paxton.  And thanks for that photography book you gave me a few years back.  I hope these pictures in some way can mean to you what that gift meant to me.


April 28, 2009 - 4:54 pm

Christopher Boykin - These photos are just breathtaking. You’ve really captured a lot of warmth and love, and with an artistic flair no doubt. Of course it doesn’t hurt that Merrilee and little Pax are made to be photographed. Great job!

April 28, 2009 - 6:24 pm

Rebecca - gorgeous photos!!!

May 1, 2009 - 2:34 pm

Tom & Diane Mitchell - Sara:

You have brought tears into eyes that have yet to see and arms that have yet to hold one special little guy.

Continue to use your talent to bless others … it’s a wonderful gift

Thank you
Paxton’s Grandma & Grandpa

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