Mother’s Day 2009

Celebrate!  That was the theme.  We had SO much to celebrate this Mother’s Day.  Not only did we celebrate our amazing mothers (Grandma and Baa Baa Goetz…) we celebrated Lucy’s fourth birthday AND Luke’s dedication!  Our friends, our family, and our neighbors all came over to join in the celebration.  And while we tried to celebrate all things equally, Lucy and Luke stole the show…or maybe I should say…”power wheeled” the show!  Check out the images from our party.  For what it’s worth, I’m starting the photo story in the middle.  I find that I either play the role of hostess and mama or photographer and mama…but hostess, photographer, and mama I just can’t pull off.  So…the story as photographed, starts at cake time:



Next was present time!


Polly, Chris’s Aunt, brought Lucy a tea set that was Diane’s.  It’s a Little Red Ridding Hood tea set, and Lucy thinks it’s about the best thing in the world.



Then came my favorite part of the day.  Since Luke’s birthday in February, I had been plotting to get the kids bikes.  We held off on buying one in February (when it’s still cold and rainy and have only one for the kids to fight over) and thought we would buy 2 in April/May, when they could each have their own and ride them in the warm sun.  Saturday afternoon we set off to Target.  On the way home we phoned Chris’s parents to tell them about our purchase.  Chris’s dad offered to put them together for Chris, but Chris decided that he wanted to put the bikes together himself.  At 1:30am on Sunday morning when the Big Wheels were finally both assembled Chris decided that the next time his dad offers he’s just going to take him up on it.  Whew!  If only Ikea manufactured Big Wheels!  Needless to say, he did a great job…we kept them hidden for a big surprise:


This next picture is one of my favorites!  I can hear the sheet go WWHHHHOOOOOOSSSSSSHHHHHHH!


And then, Luke’s face lit up with a grin that – I’m serious – was still on his face when he fell asleep.  He was giggling….and SO excited to have his very own Big Wheel.


These were too striking!  I had to  leave them big:-)




As you can see Lucy was excited too.  Later that evening, Chris and I played with the kids and their Big Wheels outside.  The light was amazing and so we started snapping away.  Lucy was intent on strapping her baby safely on the back of her new bike.  It was so much fun to watch.


It was a fantastic day!  Thank you to all who came and helped so much!  It meant a lot to me.


May 12, 2009 - 8:13 am

Baa Baa Goetz - Fantastic photos! Oh, how I love my grandchildren!

May 14, 2009 - 4:03 am

Angela - A’llo,
I’m just trying to decide if ProPhotoBlog is the new way to go for me.
I stumbled on to your blog thru the customer reviews.
Just wanted to say I LOVE the large images on your wall. Are these just ink printed onto large sheet clay (paper)?
Ireland (where I am now to stay – rooted) is so far behind in photo processing that I’ve to print in the states & post – grrrrr!
Well, again – nice to of looked at your blog & good luck to all your future adventures.


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