Don’t you wish you were a kid again?

Okay, I’m just going to come clean right at the beginning.  This post is an advertisement for Camp Galileo.  Many of you know my husband is an area director for Galileo Learning – and in that position he manages several summer camp sites.  He gets to wear shorts, t-shirts, and flip flops to work every day and they even treat him to massages and yummy Thai food periodically.  But that’s not why I’m shamelessly promoting Camp Galileo.  It’s an amazing company – not because it’s brought so much life and joy to Chris, but because their vision and objective is so sincere.  They want to make learning fun.  Hands on.  Meaningful.  And relevant to 2009.

Before I became a photographer (and a mom, for that matter) I was a teacher.  And during my training I became very passionate about hands on, meaningful learning that promotes social collaboration and sense making.  In other words, I hate worksheets, busy work, and rote memorization.  Camp Galileo and I get a long great, because they feel the same way.

If you are looking for a place to send your kids this summer, there is still room at many of the sites.  Visit to see the sites and learn more…but scroll down here to see the kids in action!

Last week I went with the marketing director to 2 different sites & programs to take marketing pictures.  I think I took close to 1,500 images of kids engage in thoughtful and relevant learning – and having fun! I choose just a few to post here.  They all make me wish I was a kid again!

Here’s a camper and a Lead Instructor at the Fashion Design lab:



Go Carts:


And just being really cute:



Thursday is water day…see for yourself.  Do you think these kids are having fun?






Can’t wait for the next Galileo Learning Photography assignment!!

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