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Hi everyone!  Chris here on the blog…

One of the things that Sara and I have enjoyed so much about photography is the awesome community of wedding photographers that we’ve had the opportunity to meet.  Whenever we get together with other wedding photographers, we get to not only talk shop, but we get to share friendship and a common bond!  A few weekends ago, I got the chance to visit and talk shop, SEO, and share stories with a few cool folks from around the area when we met up in San Francisco – you should check out their sites when you have a sec!  (Hint…wedding photographers LOVE blog comments, so go over there and show them some love.):)

Ashley & Chris from Ashley Summer Photography.  Check out their blog!

Kameron & Lyndsay from Shooting Gallery Phototography.  Check out their blog!

Lawrence Chan from Furious Photographers.  Check out his blog!

Ashley and Chris live in the Bay Area not far from us – and Kameron & Lyndsay are also Bay Area folks (just a little further east and occasionally in SF.)  :) Lawrence will travel the world (as will all of us, right?!) but is based in OC/LA.

So fun having new friends…


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