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I’m a little behind on blogging about my kids!  We’ve hit quite a few milestones in this past month, all fully documented as you might image, but I’m just getting around to getting them on the blog.

Just a week in a half ago we celebrated with Lucy her FIRST DAY OF 4 YEAR OLD PRESCHOOL!  And I have to be honest, we’ve had a quite a bumpy road in getting here this year.  For a while, it looked like I was going to contiune photography but also take on teaching at the Community College.  The kids were going to go with me there to a preschool they had on campus.  But we had a few bumps in the road and my well laid plans weren’t so well laid after all.  Immediately we called NorthCreek Academy and Preschool to see if we could get Lucy back on the wait list…we did…they did…and God provided a spot for her!

We are so thankful for NorthCreek Preschool.  Her teachers are phenomenal and Lucy actually cried – big huge tears – last Friday when we were at Sea Ranch and she discovered that she would miss a day of school.  That’s quite a testament to the fun she has learning there!

Lucy started out the morning wanting to make special “treats” for her teachers.  She worked really  hard on them, but when she got to school, didn’t want to give them away :-).

first day of school0003

I never want to forget how sweet this little clip looked in her hair :-).

first day of school0004

Lucy, you make me smile!!!

first day of school0006

Just for fun…here’s last years first day of school picture:


Lucy was relieved to learn that she would be in the same class room as last year, room 101.  AND that every Friday Mrs. Byde – her teacher from last year – would be working in her class.  After learning these things, going to school wasn’t a problem at all.

first day of school0007

And here’s infamous Room 101!

first day of school0008

Here’s Lucy saying “I love you daddy and Luke!”

first day of school0009

Lucy we are so proud of you and excited to be a part of all of the adventures that come with learning about the world.  You are a gift.

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