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As a photographer – do know what I think about pictures?  They should make you happy.  Life doesn’t always make you happy, the people you love don’t always make you happy, your circumstances don’t always make you happy…but the pictures on your walls should make you happy.  In fact, taking pictures, walking by pictures, seeing them come up on your screen saver, sending them to loved ones in the mail…everything about pictures should make you happy.  That’s why I became a photographer!

Here are some photographs of my kids I took a few weeks ago on a trail in Clayton.  I’ve actually done lots of portrait sessions here – I think it’s beautiful!  I really love the Concord, Clayton – East Bay area.  I love taking pictures of kids (of all ages) in the middle of this amazing place! Sometimes I can’t believe I live in an area where such natural beauty is so close.  Yeah, yeah, San Diego has the beach.  But they can keep it :-).  I love this trail in Clayton.  I love Lime Ridge Open Space, I love the Eichlers (I’ll be posting some of the kids in front of those soon!!!) in my community…I just love taking pictures here!!!  It makes me happy:-)

Clayton Trail0003

Clayton Trail0004

Clayton Trail0006

Clayton Trail0005

Clayton Trail0007

Did they make you as happy as they make me?:)

I’d love to photograph your family here!  Please be in touch with me if you want some pictures that make you happy.:)

Here are a few links to some sessions we’ve done here before:

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Thanks for reading!


September 30, 2009 - 11:30 pm

Concord Clayton Family Photographer | Don't mess with a boy and his Tonka Tow Truck | | Sara Goetz Photography Blog - [...] So here’s Luke with his Tonka Tow Truck.  I love these pictures.  I love that he is wearing his monster pajama shirt and his “Car’s” undies (as we call them around here!)  I love that he hardly notices I have the camera out because he loves this tow truck SO much.  I love his chunky legs and his huge hands.  I love that in one image I can see everything Luke was at 2 1/2 years old.  These pictures make me happy [...]

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