How to take better pictures of your kids | PDF Downloads Now Available!

I’m so excited to unveil something I’ve been working on.  Check out the new Photo Breakdown cards! I’m so excited about these!  I’ve talked to so many people who want to take better pictures of the children in their life.  And it isn’t hard.  It’s not rocket science!  You can do it!  And I created these cards to help you take your pictures to the next level.

  • You get a 13 page PDF as an instant download.
  • There are twelve “cards” within the kit.  The first two are overview & technical info.  Each of the following 10 cards contain:
    • a sample image
    • lighting conditions
    • camera settings
    • my thinking about  how to set up and execute the picture.
  • The pictures I used are pictures I’ve taken of my children in a very real environment.  No extra lights, no intense photoshopping afterwards.  I was working around laundry baskets, nap times, school schedules, and every thing else that seems to get in the way of good pictures.  These are real pictures.
  • These cards are designed to let you into my thoughts when I am taking pictures.  You’ll find some of them focus on technique, some of them focus on what I think works best with kids, and some of it focuses on how to be present in the moment.  They all focus on designing and executing a strong image.

Currently, I have two sets available for purchase:

  1. Guitar Hero – Images of my children creating & playing with cardboard guitars that we made at home.
  2. Trim the Tree – Images of my children decorating the Christmas tree at grandma’s house.

Here’s a sample of one from the Guitar Hero set:

how to take better pictures of your kids

And here’s a sample from Trim The Tree:

how to take better pictures of your kids at christmas

Aren’t they cool?

You can purchase one set for $20 or both for $35.  Once you’ve made your purchase, It’s an immediate download.  Then you can view them on your computer monitor and/or print them as you choose.

You can buy them here! Just click the “add to cart” for the one you’d like to select first. Once the pop-up appears, you can click “continue shopping” to add the other one to your cart.

Photo Breakdown Set #1: Guitar Hero: Add to Cart

Photo Breakdown Set #2: Trim The Tree: Add to Cart

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I want to empower you to take amazing images of your family!  I made these cards to support you in doing just that. Once again, I’m thankful for you all and the opportunity to take pictures.  Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend!:)


March 6, 2011 - 1:07 pm

jackie S - great information! you are the best! Thank you so much for sharing!

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