Playing in the woods at Sea Ranch | Sea Ranch & Mendocino Photographer

I couldn’t resist posting these today!

On Monday, my mom and I packed up the kids and took a mini-vacation up to The Sea Ranch.  The Sea Ranch is my favorite place, in the world.  And I don’t have to go all around the world to know that this is true :-).  I think the unrefined, untouched, non-commercial beauty of this 10 mile stretch of coast has won me over.  Just look at the beauty of the forest!  The Sea Ranch is a gem, and if I could set it in a ring and wear it around my finger, I just might.

Not only do I love visiting there, I love taking pictures there.  There is something about the forest, the beach, the local winery – all amazing backgrounds for drawing out the natural beauty in people.  I think that as a photographer I’ve never set out to create something that isn’t there, I’d rather set out to find what is usually missed.  Sea Ranch brings out the easily missed beauty in everything.  Take a look at these images – my little princess dancing in the forest, my 3 year old BOY jumping off a stump framed by two redwood trees, my children (who are the best and worst of friends) giggling on a fallen tree.  I couldn’t love it more

These images were created in the forest behind my parent’s house up at Sea Ranch.  The light was gorgeous and the setting, I would say, enchanting.

If you are drawn to the coast and interested in pictures (family, engagement, whatever!) please call me!  I would love to meet you up there and create these kinds of images for you!

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