Walking With Giants | The Spaces We Live In

I love how being in different spaces changes the way we do things, the way we see things, the way we interact with each other -

I loved what being in the Redwood Forest did for my kids.

It was truly amazing to watch them take in the Redwoods for the first time.  Amazed, excited, overwhelmed (in a good way).  Honestly, Luke didn’t want to get out of the car but once he did, he couldn’t stop running.  Or smiling.  Being in the forest brought out his adventurous side – it seemed that he felt at home in the openness of nature and the absence of suburbia.

Lucy was really excited about the idea of going to the forest – but seeing the huge trees set her back a little bit.  She was a little scared to climb, run, jump…but it didn’t take long. The majesty of the forest got in her blood and she LOVED it.  She challenged herself to walk across the fallen tress and hike along rooted and rocky paths.  After a while she settled into the space.  She seemed awestruck and calm.  The forest put her in touch with something bigger than herself and she took it all in.



When I have these kinds of experiences with my kids it makes me understand even more that the spaces we occupy truly begin to define our lives.

I think that’s why for me, (besides the lighting) setting is the most important part of a photographs.  The spaces we occupy change us…just like us living in a mid centry modern glass house (Eichler) redefines the way my family interacts or the way your love of spending time on the coast, or in the city, or at the lake brings out something about yourself that you love and enjoy.  More and more I’m realizing that the clothes and the naps and all the preparation we put into a session is important for the way a photograph looks – but it’s the setting of the picture that defines the way you and your family  feels and interacts.  I might even dare to say that for family photography, one most important parts of a picture is the setting.  It’s the setting that brings out the best of you and your family.  It’s the setting that tells something about who you are and defines they way you enjoy each other.

Do you have a place where you feel truly at home?  Call me!  Let’s do pictures THERE!



August 31, 2012 - 12:30 pm

Merrilee - Oh Sara! So well said!

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