Concrete is a Girl’s Best Friend


Why Chris & I wear concrete wedding bands:

For the sake of transparency and forthrightness – the main reason is because we LOST our original ones.  I mean LOST them.  We have no idea where they are.  We would still be wearing those…IF we had them.  But we don’t.  So we aren’t.

Now, we have concrete ones.  You ready for the reason….

Okay, actually, it’s just because we thought they looked cool, they were affordable and something more snazzy than a simple gold band.  Honest to God that’s why.  We bought them from this amazing designer.  You should check out her site.

But in writing this post I did a little bit of research on concrete.  Here’s why I’ll proudly wear a CONCRETE ring as a symbol of Chris and my life long commitment to love each other in the way that Christ loved his church:


  • Concrete gets stronger over time.  It really does!  It actually takes a great deal of time for all of the “bonds” to form and once set, concrete continues to harden (cure) and become stronger for a long period of time, often up to several years.   12 1/2 half years in…we are just hitting our stride.  No doubt, the best is yet to come.


  • Concrete reflects light – it shines back the warmth and light surrounding it.  Instead of absorbing and hoarding, concrete can find even a little bit of light and give it back.  Note to self: do that more.


  • It can survive natural disasters.  It really does.  I mean, what’s left after a tsunami, people?  It’s the concrete buildings that are standing when the waters recede.  Guess what is always standing when the water recedes here in my life…it’s our marriage.  Here’s to all the disasters we’ve weathered (including but not limited to job lay offs, home improvement debacles, 60 hour work weeks, figuring out how to mostly communicate through e-mail, newborns, infants, toddlers and so on) and to those natural disasters lurking in the wings that do not yet know our strength.


  • Concrete is affordable, local manufactured, and sustainable.  Don’t you think that’s just how life should be?  Taking advantage of what’s in front of you & responsibly?  Sign me up.


  • What is concrete?  It’s an aggregate: A whole formed by combining several (typically disparate) elements.  Sound like anything else you know? I couldn’t think of two totally disparate elements coming together – then adding two more totally disparate elements in just for fun – all the while signed up for a lifetime of better or worse with the explicit purpose of creating something simple and beautiful.


With this concrete ring…Yes.  I do.  I’ll proudly wear it knowing just how well it represents the fabric of what we have.

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