Eichler Cloud Gazing & Mid-Mod Fort Building | Mid-Century Modern Family Photographer


Luke inspired these pictures – he wanted to do back to school/Valentine’s Day pictures with a fort :).  I had this vision of hiking up to Lime Ridge Open Space and creating a pintrest inspired scene complete with tent, lantern, and the like.  But this worked much better.   As we began to look around and think about how to build a fort/tent we both agreed that we could do a better job of it here (and have lots more fun).  We found a stash of old pvc pipe in the garage, grabbed some old sheets and rearranged the plants.  Actually, it was Luke who made a lot of decisions about these pictures.  He choose his clothes, the location, the poses…he really directed this shoot!

I love it when kids have permission to take ownership over their own pictures.  I think you can really see their authentic selves in the final product.  Luke was all over this – and when he is willing to let me take his pictures, I drop everything and hand him the reins.  I think I’ll treasure these for a while :).



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