The Loveliest – East Bay Family Photographer

It would be true to say that this family is the loveliest.

 It’s obvious, right? Their smiles, their ease. The love oozes out. Clearly #loveliest

And while I know that every member of this clan is downright lovely, they come together so effortlessly because of that lovely woman in the center.


There is a beauty that oozes out of her. It’s seen in the way she mothers that exceptional boy. It’s seen in the way she seeks to build others up. It’s seen in the way she loves her husband. Literally, you can feel the lovely seeping out of her pores. And it’s not that everything comes easy, or that she has the perfect set of circumstances or that she never has to decide to let loveliness win. She simply makes the choice. And it’s oh–so-inspiring.


Thanks for letting me be apart of your family photos, Kristine. Have I mentioned how lovely I think you are?

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