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Happy Valentine’s Day!

One of the best parts of having “big kids” is that we get to do things together :). Valentine’s DayView full post »

Eichler Cloud Gazing & Mid-Mod Fort Building | Mid-Century Modern Family Photographer

Luke inspired these pictures – he wanted to do back to school/Valentine’s Day pictures with a fortView full post »

Midcentury Modern New Years Eve Eichler/Gangnam/Family Style

What could be better than a kids dance party complete with YMCA, Macarana and Gangnam style dancing, a lightedView full post »

Walking With Giants | The Spaces We Live In

I love how being in different spaces changes the way we do things, the way we see things, the way we interact with eachView full post »

What Learning Looks Like

We just finished “Jigsaw Jones and the Case of the Missing Hamster” and decided we needed to learn a littleView full post »

Lucy | Bay Area Family Photographer

Lucy is my beautiful daughter. I think taking pictures of my own kids is much much harder than taking pictures of myView full post »

Lucy on the Bars

This is a BIG deal for Lucy!  At the beginning of the year Lucy could not make it all the way across the bars on theView full post »

Dance Class Performance

For me, these say everything… One of my favorite Lucy days ever…View full post »

Summer Fun!

Don’t you wish you could still do this?!?!  I do!!!!!!!View full post »

A Beautiful Sky, Balloons, and Two Great Kids | Concord/Clayton Family Photographer

I took one look at the sky yesterday afternoon and said, “Kids…were going to buy balloons and go to the parkView full post »

On the way home from Sea Ranch

Just for fun – Lucy dancing in the Starbucks mallView full post »

Luke, on being 3 | Bay Area Family Photographer

The weather has been tough to work with and Luke’s been sick which means that I have yet to take Luke’sView full post »

Luke is 3

Last week it became official.  Well, I know I know, was probably official long before that :-).  But officially lastView full post »

Lake Tahoe Family Photographer | Family Trip to the Lake

We went up to Lake Tahoe for many reasons – to be together, to find healing, to celebrate life and the lives ofView full post »

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