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A Mom and her Boy + Boy and his Dog | Clayton Family Photographer

If this session looks like it was fun…it’s because IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

A mom with her son – I GET IT.  A boy with his dog…I can only imagine but I’ve been told there’s no other relationship like it.

And to photograph all of the above, well, that’s a dream.

Here’s what we got from our time together:

















Thank you both for working SO hard with me to create these images and for being so absolutely charming together.  One of my favorite sessions to date.

Sweet Henry | Berkeley Family Photographer

Henry and I are buds!  This little guy oozes charm and sweetness – as do his mommy and daddy.  I enjoy photographing their family so much!





I think what I love most about these pictures is how real they feel.  I love pictures that aren’t afraid of life as it is – pictures that look like real life, sound like real life, and feel like real life.

This family lives a beautiful life of faith and love.  And while those things can’t be photographed directly or manipulated in photoshop…those things show up in all of their images.  Such a beautiful real life they lead.

Sunol Engagement Photographer | Genevieve & Nic

I’d never been here – but I instantly loved it.  (Just a side note…are you ever blown away the amazing resources, parks, day trips, museums, etc… we have here in the Bay Area?  I am!  I’m so grateful to live here and discover new places all the time.)


I’m so glad that Genevieve knew about the Green Barn East Bay Regional Park in Sunol…and was up for the trek from their home.  They both wanted a place with natural beauty, I wanted a place with great light and we all wanted a place where we could relax and create some beautiful images together.  I love how they turned out…and I think that’s mostly because I love Genevieve and Nic.  I love who they are & I love what they stand for.


(Side note number two: when a regional park says that they close at a certian time…they mean it!  We SCRAMBLED to get these photos done in 45 minutes.  Genevieve and Nic were such great sports…but I tell you…when I saw the EB Regional truck about to lock that gate with me on the other side & NO cell service & 15 minute drive to the main highway…well…I was glad took the rules about closing at face value!)


Back to this sweet couple…The best thing about Genevieve and Nic, though, is the way Nic loves her.  You’ll see what I mean…









You guys, I can’t wait to photograph your wedding really really soon!

The Snow

We took a quick trip up to Lake Tahoe over President’s Weekend.

While this maybe a very common occurrence for lots of people – this was my first real snow trip. Ever. And in many ways it was what I expected: COLD. (And I’m not bitter at all that it was 70 degrees in Concord so don’t worry about that.  I haven’t even given it a second thought….)

But the trip was also much more than what I expected – it was really fun to be with the kids in the snow.  I spent most of my time drinking coffee and putting together a 1000 piece puzzle that was a part of a “Murder, She Wrote” mystery.  The puzzle came with a little booklet that set up the crime then you had to put the puzzle together with NO PICTURE and use the final image to solve the mystery.  It took about 6 hours.  This is real…I’m not lying – look: here’s a picture of it.  It was crazy.

The kids spent most of their time sledding-and it was awesome to watch!  They were SO SO happy.

On a side note: icicles are real!  They really exist – and they are no joke.  Those suckers could kill you.  (Well, not the ones in this picture but some others that I was too afraid of to photograph…)

This beautiful cabin was built by Chris’ grandfather about 40 years ago.  It’s truly a treasure and we enjoyed every part of it this last weekend.

Luke was so proud of his sled – which belonged to Chris when he was a kid.  And Luke was so ridiculously adorable in his Tiger snow hat.


Lucy’s facial expressions varied from sheer terror to extreme delight as she sled down the hill.  She is my delight.


The kids also built “Snow-y” the Snowman.  It was super sweet to watch.

I told Chris I’d go again – which is huge huge progress for me and my relationship with the snow.  It has, until recently, been on my list of ungodly things that humans are not meant to exist in.  I mean, if the tropical island of Hawaii is paradise then that would make snow and cold mountain weather…well, I’ll let you fill in the blank.

But, last weekend was fun – and I’m glad we went.  The mountains covered in snow are gorgeous, the lake was breathtaking, and the kids were a joy to watch.  I told Chris that if he didn’t pressure me too much, I might even consider thinking about trying to ski.

IF that were to happen, there will be NO blog post of me learning how to ski.  Just an FYI.

Thanks, Rick and Carolyn, for a great weekend!  I’m excited to go back and do it all over again.

M o r e   i n f o