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Mini-Sessions for a Cause: Feeding the Homeless

It’s really quite simple.

Every Saturday a group of people stocked with water, sandwiches and snacks go out to homeless camps and feed the homeless.

It all started with a vision of a woman named Bianca who was undergoing chemo therapy for a brain tumor.  During her treatment she prayed, “Lord, I know I may have disabilities but my hands work well, please use my hands and give me something to do for You. I want to work for your kingdom.” That day the Lord told her to go out and feed & pray for the homeless in the area.  On July 1st 2011, a very simple ministry was born.

It started over 2 years with one person and 60 lunches.   Today, groups of people work from 10am to 4pm by bringing water, lunches & basic essentials like clothing, toothpaste or soap to the homeless in Bay Point, Antioch and Pittsburg.

“We believe in people when they don’t believe in themselves.  We bring hope, love, prayers and nourishment to hungry tummies and hungry souls.”


They call themselves “Drive By Christians” and their vision is to carry out Jesus teaching in Matthew 25 where He laid out in very simple terms what He wants us to be doing.  He said,”For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.”

I’m often overwhelmed by the brokenness of the world – desperately wanting to do something to make it better.  I get bogged down in the deeply complicated nature of the social problems plaguing our day – or the depth of the heartbreak permeating this world.  I get sucked into thinking that eliminating the problem is the only worth while thing doing.  I begin to call on seemingly powerful individuals in the church or in the government who should “do something about this problem” or “create a program that solves homelessness, etc…”

But once I’m buried deep in the enormity of a social issue or feel righteously justified by disdain for the horrible-ness of the world we live in I’ve found that I’ve simultaneously dehumanized a very human problem, I’ve ignored basic needs in people that I am capable of meeting, and I’ve completely underestimated the power of relationships.

I love Drive by Christians because they are not paralyzed by the enormity of a problem – instead the are focused on meeting very basic needs.  They are committed to engaging in relationships.  But more than that even – they empowering others to do the same.

Drive by Christians is not a program, it’s not a system, it’s not a three part solution with a billion dollar budget.

Drive by Christians is simply about sandwiches and relationships.  They are about valuing people – especially those who feel (and are often seen) as if they are value-less.

It’s really quite simple.

So here’s what we are going to do.

On March 16 & 17  SG Photo is going to hold Spring mini sessions at Lime Ridge Open Space.  All of the profit (and I mean all of it, like 100% of it) will be donated to Drive By Christians.  Packages offered range from $150 (for 3 digital files) to $350 (for the entire collection of digital files) with one in between.  I will be releasing more information on times and packages soon.  So stay tuned!

If you want to have first dibs at time slots – email me and I’ll contact you before I go public :).

Family pictures to help families in need?

It’s so simple.  Let’s do!

(If you would like to go out and deliver meals with Drive by Christians – you can contact them through their website or on facebook.  They would love to have you!)

Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentines Day is just around the corner!  If you have an image you love from a recent session – lets make it into a Valentines Day Card!

25 printed press 5×7 cards for $35.

Here are three options:

Valentine’s Day Card #1



Valentine’s Day Card #2


Valentine’s Day Card #3


Want something a little different?  Show me the image and I’ll customize it for you!  E-mail me at sara@saragoetz.com to order cards!

What if….

What if something like this:


Could make a difference for this:



I think it can.  I think it can make a BIG difference.

Chris and I have been talking a lot lately about how we can use SG Photo in a way that makes a difference in our community.  And the answer has been growing inside me now for a while and I’m really excited to see what it can do.

Starting in March, Sara Goetz Photography will be offering 4 separate mini session dates with structured packages (including digital files!  YAY!) where 100% of the procedes will benefit a non-profit.  

I mean, What do you think we could do together?

 …Give meals, blankets, clothing, etc… to the homeless?

…Help provide safe drinking water for a village in Africa?

…Help build a recovery home for a child that was rescued out of sex trafficking?

I want to do all these things…and so many more.  


So stay tuned for a blog post introducing our very first Mini Session location and non-profit partner.  I can’t wait to do this!  More info soon – but mark your calendars for March 16 & 17.  That’s the day we are going to work together to create something beautiful for you that will do something beautiful for this broken world.


AND PS – Do you have  a non-proft you would like SG Photo to support?  Drop me a line at sara@saragoetz.com or find me on Facebook!

January 16, 2013 - 2:56 pm

Rebecca - Yay! So exciting!

World Vision Mini Sessions Update

Remember this?

Way way back in October (which feels like yesterday and 14 years ago at the same time…) 5 families joined me to support the work of World Vision.  It was so much fun to be back at the Clayton Valley Pumpkin Farm doing pictures of the sweetest families.  We did LOTS of running, lots of silly faces, lots of snuggles, and lots of just being together.  It was GREAT.

But better than all of that, because of the support of these specific families, we were able to make a donation of $300 to World Vision!!!!

With the money raised through these mini-sessions, Chris and I choose to support a division of World Vision called World Vision Micro Program.  The World Vision Micro Program funds loans to people in poverty who want to start or grow a current business.  This program enables farmers to buy seeds, fisherman to buy nets, tailors to buy cloth or bakers to buy flour.  It enables talented and visionary people who happen to live in a country with very little small business support to start, run & grow their own small businesses. It changes communities, empowers families and invigorates economies.

I love this video demonstrating how Micro Loans changed the life and community of one family.


Because of our clients & World Vision Micro Loans – we were able to fund a loan to Ursala Gilos and help her to purchase pigs so she can start a pig farm.  She will repay the loan – but not to us.  As her business grows and the debt is repaid it will be paid forward to another person/family who can change their lives with just a little support.

I can never be sure – and I don’t want to minimize the difficult life of families in 3rd world countries – but I have an aching in my heart that says if the Goetz family did not have the luxury of being born in the US, we could make it work if someone gave us as little as $300 to start a pig farm.  I can’t help but think that our lives and the lives of our children could be dramatically different if we could get a small (and I mean SMALL) business loan to care for our children and provide for their needs. Such an easy need to meet.  So, so easy for SG Photo – a small business – to do.

Ursula – I believe you have a God-given, deeply rooted entrepreneurial spirit in you.  Our prayer is that this little bit of money (by American standards) will empower you to forge a path to a new life – one where you can support and provide for your beautiful family.  May God bless your business.

Thank you to the families who scheduled mini-sessions at the farm.  I appreciate your support and your business that allows SGPhoto to do this kind of thing.  I hope that your photos are treasured – and that they remind you of another family in the Philippians who is working hard for a new kind of life.

I’ve never had more fun with mini-sessions than I did with these.  I think SGPhoto has just begun with this new kind of mini-session…

Stay tuned for more details!

M o r e   i n f o