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Back to a Special Spot!

I love it when I get the opportunity to do a second session with a family – not only is it great to see clients again, but it’s really like hanging out with old friends. Last week I got to see the Heningers again. Our first session was up at Lake Tahoe and this time we went back to the spot where they took their wedding pictures! I love the romance in that! I loved that Lori and Steve wanted their “2007″ family captured in the same place where it all began.

Joley was all dressed up in her Sunday best and was absolutely adorable.

I love the joy you can see between these three in these photos. The best part of these images – I think – is that you can literally see the love between them! And what a good looking dog.:-)

Love the laughter in this one! This is why I love family photography!

Thanks, Lori and Steve! Enjoy your slideshow!


What do you get when you take a clown, a tiger, a sweet pea, and Pochantas out trick-or-treating?


Oh did we have fun! We got together with our friends – Mike and Patti – (they are the ones who just had the twins) so our little ones could experience the fun of Halloween together. It was great. Not only did the girls have a blast, we did as well. Watching them trick-or-treat was more fun than actually doing it and being with a family who is so into kids and loves them SO much was great therapy to our sleep-deprived souls :-).

Check out these super fun pictures!

Check out this costume – it was the best we saw (and this kid was a total ham). The kids weren’t so sure about the “scary stuff” but they hung in there.

And then, after all the fun, it was sleepy time. And boy were we tired!

We had so much fun!!! Thanks Sweeney family! What a great night of friends, costumes, and candy!!

Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Whose Got the (Painted) Pumpkin?

What’s more fun than carving pumpkins? Painting them! Last night at Bridget and Annie’s house, our pumpkin patch pumpkins became the canvas for some incredible artwork. Check out these little artist at work:

And even though Luke isn’t quite old enough to join in the fun, I think he really enjoyed eating fruity cheerios in his exersaucer!

Watch out world – pumpkin art is the latest and greatest!

We wish you all a happy, safe Halloween!

The Goetz Family

Teeth & Clifford

Check out Luke’s Tooth!!! We had a fun little “photoshoot” this morning and I thought I’d share these with you:-)

Lucy climbed into the back of our” Jeep” double stroller and started playing there. I thought, “Hey, why not put them both in and then I can run and change out the laundry without fear of either one of them putting themselves in grave danger.” But then, when I saw them both in there, I decided to grab the camera. Not only did I need to document that little tooth; I had to get his first time behind the wheel!

Chris caught Lucy on the couch “relaxing” with her favorite pre-bed pasttime – watching Clifford. I love how she looks when she’s tired: so sweet and innocent.

Lucy has been dodging the camera these days so it was great to capture this bedtime moment. And what a good little subject Luke is!!! Enjoy them….I can’t get enough of our precious kids.


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