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Pray For San Diego

Hey everyone -

Many of you know that Chris and I spent 10 years of our life (and all of our early time as a couple) together in San Diego. This has been a crazy week living up in the Bay Area and just watching what’s going on in our old hometown on TV. We have so many loved ones – friends who are family to us – who are there, and our hearts break. The emotion around all of this is so vivid for us even though we are 500 miles away. Though we are happy to be in Northern California, Chris and I both said to each other today, “we wish we were down there close to our friends right now.”

Our friends the Ligtenbergs had a very close call. You can read about it on Rebecca’s blog: http://rebeccasmiscellanies.blogspot.com/. She’s been posting updates pretty consistently and it’s surreal to read.

Chris’s dear friend and colleague Marie’s family lost their home today. Today I was complaining about how messy our home is…how shallow a thought in light of this. We are praying for you, Marie.

And so many of our friends here have family or friends there. Nearly everyone in Chris’ office has a friend or family member in San Diego. It’s so close to home. We were there during the 2003 Cedar fire and remember waking up one morning to a yellow/orange sky, ash falling, and just a sense of mourning. Hundreds of homes burned and everyone was on edge. And to think that this fire is far far worse (or I should say, these fires) is just unthinkable.

We are thinking and praying for you, our San Diego Family! Oh how sad we feel just watching the news. We pray that you get a break in the days to come and that the firefighters get control – we ask for a miracle. Bless the volunteers who are serving and give strength to those who are experiencing loss or grief today.

Please join us in saying a prayer for San Diego today.


Busy Weekend!

Is it already 11:23pm on Sunday night? What a weekend! Sara and I joked with each other that we “switched roles” – I pretty much spent the weekend with the kids and Sara was working her tail off. Though we all know (well, you parents do) that when you have kids, you all work all the time. I will say…I am more tired than normal. Hats off to you moms out there – how do you do it? When do you get your lunch break?

Anyway – lots to post, but it’s too late to post it all right now. One of the most exciting events of the weekend, though, is that our dear friends Patty and Mike had their TWINS this weekend!! They went from 2 kids to 4 in about 4 minutes! A boy and a girl…names still being finalized…and my goodness, if you’ve never seen newborn twins less than a day old, you should grab some kleenex and watch this slideshow. Time just hits warp speed from here. You can’t get these moments back.

Congratulations, Anne and Bridget! You’ll be great big sisters for sure.

Ok – off to bed! Check-in tomorrow for more news from the weekend.


Rainy Days & Good Books

What is it about rainy days that make you want to curl up with a good book and your favorite blanket? I’m so glad affection for this kind of activity hasn’t been lossed on our Lucy girl – she is inclined to do just that when the sky turns grey and rainy. Just the other day during the rainy part, in fact, all three of us made our way to her room, sorted through her personal library of books, and enjoyed “reading”. Check out these pictures!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I really like capturing the “sequence” of an activity – and I love they way that together the pictures give us a sense of how Lucy thinks about reading! Who really wants to see her sit and “smile” at the camera when you can get a taste of what it is like to read through the eyes of a two year old! I know that over time I’ll love these pictures even more because it won’t be long and she’ll have grown up just a little bit and the process of reading her books will be different. But because I have these pictures, I’ll always remember how she did it when she was 2 1/2 :-).

Loving The Pumpkin Patch!

I am eating up these Fall photo sessions! I got to work with the cutest set of cousins this weekend: Madison, Jackson, and Zoe. We went out to my favorite spot in Clayton right now – the Pumpkin Farm – and had a blast. You guys were so fun to work with – I hope you love your slideshow!

Here is Zoe, meandering through the rows of Pumpkins. Love this shot of her exploring in her Halloween costume:

And check out Jackson – he’s such a handsome little boy. Man, the eyelashes on this one – watch out:

Madison is such a sweetheart – I love her smile in this shot:

We went over to the barn, a short drive away, for these shots. I love photographs like this because I think they capture the essence of what it means to be a kid. They’re just curiously looking around and exlporing. Can you remember when you discovered a secret place as a kid? These photos just bring those memories back for me.

Thanks for a great time, Madison, Jackson and Zoe! Happy Halloween!

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