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Our Favorite Places | Family Photos

This summer we’ve had amazing opportunities to spend time with our families in places so dear to us.

The Goetz’s are in love with Lake Tahoe (who isn’t, really?) and so it was a blessing that we could be up at the lake together as a family for a weekend.  Here’s our family photo:  (FYI – We put the camera on a timer and I RAN LIKE THE WIND across the beach and down the pier to slip into place at the last moment!  We set the timer for 20 seconds and I used about 18.5 running!)



Last weekend we spent time with my family up at The Sea Ranch.  We love it up there.  It was super windy at the ocean and the tide was in during the best time to do photos…so we walked up the street to this beautiful knoll and created some family pictures there.



I know I’ve said it before but I really love multi-generational photos.  I love creating the opportunity for grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles, sisters and brothers to all be together at one time for a photo.  I think there is something really special about what is created/documented.  These trips were special to our family and these photos are extra special because we are all together in a location that says something about who we are and what we love.  

Mostly, that we love each other.

Sisters | East Bay Family Photographer

Had to post these today :).  Couldn’t resist…

Aren’t they so sweet!  I love this sequence and just had to share it!


For what it’s worth, while these images connote a serene, loving, tranquil atmosphere – the actual experience of capturing these images was nothing like that.  I’m pretty sure that at one point during the shoot there was a dachshund barking LOUDLY in my left ear.  If I remember right it took 3 adults (drinking adult beverages) to actually get through the entire photo session and earlier in the evening one child actually bit the other one (not these two…different ones…ones I am legally and morally responsible for…).


Taking pictures is crazy and nuts.  It never goes the way you think it’s going to go and it’s always stressful.  But I love every minute of it.  I love it because I know that hidden in those moments of chaos are moments like the ones documented above.  And because we stuck with it and didn’t get discouraged, we now have those moments forever.   We experienced the chaos but will hold onto beauty.  It’s worth it.

(Sort of like parenting.)


Is your family a little chaotic, loud and unpredictable :)?  Bring it on…we will capture amazing moments together.

September 12, 2012 - 10:23 pm

Merrilee - Oh Sara! These are so beautiful and so very sweet. I can identify with you on every level :) It’s most definitely worth the chaos for moments like these. Just precious!

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